Our Team

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Eva Bui has worked in Boston as a licensed esthetician and beauty professional for over 15 years.

Qualified, insured, licensed and experienced focusing on eyelash enhancement beauty services, she is passionate about beauty, eyebrows and most importantly eyelash extensions.

Passionately committed to: desire to improve others' image, to enhance their beauty and to boost their self-esteem, maintaining her precise skills and techniques & continuing her education in the transforming beauty industry.

Trang ‘Bebe’ VU

Kristi Edmunds

Licensed Esthetician who performs facial, lash, waxing and makeup services.

Driven by Integrity and Passion.
”I genuinely love what I do, and I’m very expressive about passing my knowledge onto my clients. I believe in respecting, communicating and making my clients feel as comfortable as possible. “

Working at Eve Beauty gives me the opportunity to share my passion with others in a beautiful, feel good environment. I love being surrounded by a positive, hard working team, supportive and encouraging team.

Kathy Vu

Licensed Esthetician who performs lashes and waxing services.

Driven by Dedication, creativity and consistency. “To be consistent and dedicated to my work I believe it will create improvement. And as along as creativity is included work won't get boring because there will always be something new.”

"Quality over quantity" and what I mean by this is that sometimes clients will go to a salon that does a fullset in under an hour for half of what the average price is and expect for the outcome to be flawless. I want clients to understand that beauty takes time and you can't expect good work to be done quickly.

Moon Nguyen

Facial Specialist, Tattooist.

Working in the beauty industry allows me to help others to develop self-love, know how to take care of themselves and make them feel more confident.

I enjoy working out a lot. Besides from taking care of my appearance, I strongly believe that having a healthy lifestyle is also very important as beauty does not only come from the outside but comes from the inside as well.