Offer valid on the following services:  Microblading Brows or Powder Brows. 

What is permanent make up?

The process of permanent makeup is similar to that of a tattoo, and is used to give a permanent appearance of makeup. It gives you a natural and younger look, as well as the freedom and confidence to go out with no makeup on!  

Here at Eve Permanent Beauty, we believe the most important part of permanent makeup is choosing a professional, licensed makeup artist that can best create the look you desire.

The Eve Beauty Permanent Make Up Artists will ensure the utmost satisfaction; from the shape and style to the right pigmentation color and shade.

Most ladies opt to choose to have PERMANENT MAKE UP EYEBROWS and PERMANENT LIP COLOR.


Microblading Eyebrows are also known as 3D brows or hair strokes.  It is a permanent eyebrow tattoo that is manually applied as individual hair strokes to your skin in order to create a natural eyebrow look. Your natural hair is not shaved or plucked!  All hair strokes with this permanent makeup application are drawn between your natural hairs. Your natural eyebrow hairs will not be damaged and will continue to grow normally. 

After application, the skin heals and the pigment is covered by the epidermis.  Epidermis will provide a softer and more natural look than its initial application. Included in our permanent makeup service is one touch-up following the service, and should be used within two months. In addition, if you currently have permanent makeup on the eyebrows, it may not be possible to perform this treatment.

What are powder Brows?

Permanent makeup application of Powder Brows is a soft gradual shading of the eyebrows with a powder.  The powder is used to create an eyebrow look that is thicker, reshaped, and darkened. Our professional brow stylist will consult with you to ensure that the right eyebrow shade and shape suits your face and style.

The permanent makeup application of powder brows ranges from two to three hours with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Before and during the treatment, we use only the most effective anesthetic creams. Included is our Powder Brow Permanent MakeUp service is one touch-up following the service, and should be used within four to six weeks after intial permanent makeup application.


Made to enhance your natural lips and/or create a more defined lip line. Lipstick can be worn over your existing permanent color to create a new look.

Who is Permanent Make Up NOT recommended for?

Here at Eve Beauty Lash and Permanent Makeup Studio, YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY are our #1 priority!  
 We DO NOT recommend permanent makeup services for the following:

  • Permanent Makeup is NOT recommended for woman who are pregnant or nursing.
  • Permanent Makeup is NOT recommended for woman with the following medical conditions:  Diabetes, Viral infections and/or diseases, Epilepsy, major heart problems and/or have a pacemaker, have been the recipient of an organ transplant, or are undergoing chemotherapy (consult your doctor first)
  • Permanent Makeup is NOT recommended for woman with skin irritations or psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.) or who have had Botox in the past two months or used Accutane in the past year.
  • If you are generally not feeling well, due to having a cold, flu, etc. we STRONGLY recommend rescheduling your appointment.  

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