Lip Tattoos: The Newest Trend

If you ever click on the popular page of Instagram, you're likely more than familiar with permanent make-up, one of today's newest trends in cosmetics. A-List celebrities like Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, and Eva Mendes have really driven this trend into what it is today, widely accepted and increasingly desired.

Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, is on the rise mainly because it eliminates the daily hassle of the time consuming task of applying it. Just think about how much faster you’d get ready each morning if you didn’t have to put on a full face and it was already done for you! Another great perk? Permanent makeup doesn’t streak, run, or smudge- Plus, if you’re really bad at applying your own makeup, you consider that problem solved!

Among the many different services we offer here at Eve Beauty, lip tattoos are one of the most frequently requested, and are increasingly demanded by customers of all ages! A lip tattoo is a subtle approach to achieve a fuller lip using naturally toned pigments to blend and shade within the natural lip line. At Eve Beauty, we tailor to your specific lip shade, with rich definition and/or subtle shading!

The beauty industry has developed a ground-breaking formula that infuses the lips with collagen amino acids. In other words, we have a strategic and calculated way to reduce the appearance of vertical lip lines and wrinkles, in order to help your lips look plumper, fuller, and more youthful! If you are just plain tired of reapplying lipstick or lip liner throughout the day, or if you want to beef up thin lips, then this could be the solution that you have been looking for! 

How Much Do Lip Tattoos Cost?

Pricing for permanent make-up can vary depending on what services are requested, among other factors. For lip tattoos, we offer several different options at varying price points: For our “Lip Liner” service, it is $350. That procedure entails outlining the lips in a color of your choice to define the natural shape. Our “Lip Liner and Blend” service is $600. This process is perfect for the woman that wants to create a plumper, more kissable, fuller looking shape to their lips! The “Lip Tint Tattoo” service also costs $600. On the first day of this treatment, your lips will look like lipstick was applied, and then when it heals, it will be a subtle, natural looking tint! The expense of lip tattooing varies in Massachusetts based on the intricacies of the art and size of the tattoo, however our prices are among most reasonable and affordable offered! 

How Long Does This Last?

While we do use vibrant colors and precision, all tattoo ink eventually does fade. That’s because your lips are always coming in contact with drinks, food, and saliva! Gradual fading is to be expected for all micro pigmentation procedures, but it definitely varies on the person and the shade that is used. Most of our clients at Eve Beauty, have seen this tattoo last anywhere between 3-5 years! Some may not fade for as long as 10 years. If you’re thinking about getting this procedure done though, you should plan on coming in for a few touch ups during the years to come, so it could always look brand new! Side note: While many people experience immediate results, you may not see your full and permanent lip color for about two weeks to a month following your session!

Is The Process Painful?

To put it simply, it is a bit painful. The region of the body is especially sensitive because the areas in the brain that receive messages from touch receptors in the lips and hands are much larger than the ones in your back or stomach, for example. Fortunately, here at Eve Beauty, we can give you an anesthetic to block a majority of the pain! Almost all of our clients will say it is not purely painful, but just a bit uncomfortable. The contentment and satisfaction of our clients are our top priority always!

Why Should Someone Consider Getting Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup has become increasingly popular over the last five years. Vogue and Instyle are featuring write ups on the movement, and it’s quickly become a phenomenon. Someone should consider getting permanent makeup if they are a busy woman that wants to be less self-conscious, save time in their day, and look great at any hour!

Why Choose Eve Beauty?

We employ the very best licensed estheticians and glamour professionals. Most have gone through extensive training in order to deliver the finest results to our clients! Our staff ensures that all of our clients’ relaxation and beauty needs are met and we keep a very pristine spa-like environment! Eve Beauty takes great pride in the aesthetic and vibe of our facility! Our mission is to bring clients the most innovative techniques, high quality products, and most affordable costs. Not to mention, our reviews are outstanding! Check out one of our newest reviews on Yelp: 

“Great location, parking, clean and beautiful atmosphere with affordable prices and my overall experience was GREAT! Eve took the time to get it right and made sure I was happy! She was professional, but also kind and personable! I will definitely recommend this salon to all I know and I will definitely be back!” Nicole K, customer 

Come to Eve Beauty in Wakefield, MA or Peabody, MA today and get your free permanent makeup consultation where we walk you through the whole procedure and answer any questions you may have!

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