What are Eyelash Extensions?

Every person in this world has a different shape of the eye from other. However, there are the various categories of eye shapes like round, doe-eyed, small, etc. from which you can name your eye in a particular group. It is the truth that every person's eye is different from the other one, but similarity exists.  Here we are discussing the lash extensions which can beautify your eyes. 

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National Lash Day: Celebrate This Year With Special Discounts From Eve Beauty

The month of February is upon us and with it is an important celebration known as the Lash day. The entire has been dedicated to promoting and support your eternal love for your eyelashes owing to the beauty that they impart as well as their importance. There is no argument over the fact that eyelashes play a crucial role in making you look flawless and shine out of the hundreds of other people at a party. But appearance is not everything that the eye lashes have to offer.

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Frequently asked questions...

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are individual strands of synthetic fibers made to replicate a natural eyelash. When applied correctly, the eyelash extensions lengthen and thicken your own natural eyelashes. The single strands or thin fanned out strands are applied to each individual eyelash, one by one. With proper application, lash extensions look and feel completely natural and shouldn't weight down your natural lashes.

How long will a set of Eyelash Extensions last? 

When applied by one of our Lash Artist, eyelash extensions will last the length of the natural growth cycle of your own eyelashes. Depending on your activity and day-to-day routine, refills should only be required every 2 to 4 weeks. Anything more will be consider a full set.

How long will it take to apply eyelash extensions and how is it done? 

The application process for lash extensions normally takes about 90-120 minutes for a full set of lashes and 45-75 minutes for a refill. You will lay comfortably on a facial bed with your eyes closed. During the application, your lower lashes will be covered with an eye pad or sensitive tape and the extensions will be applied only to your upper lashes one at a time. 

How do I choose the look I want? 

Your Lash Artist will consult with you to understand what type of style you are interested in and what look will work best with your natural lashes. The overall look of the lashes can range from very natural to very full and dramatic!

Do I have to do anything to prepare for the service? 

To remove any eye/facial makeup, use a oil-free makeup remover. Before the lash appointment you may be asked to clean your lashes with a mild cleanser to remove any leftover oils and protein on your eyelid and lashes. Your natural lashes should not be permed or manually curled at the time of appointment.

Can I apply mascara to Eyelash Extensions? 

Our eyelash extensions are created to give your natural lashes an improved look of fullness and length, therefore mascara is not needed at all. 

Can I swim, shower, exercise, or visit a spa while wearing eyelash extensions? 

We do ask you to minimize the chance of wetting the extensions for the first 48 hours of wear. After that 48-hour period, the adhesive used to apply your eyelash extensions is secure enough to allow you to get right back to your routine. However, keeping away from extensive contact with steam such as in saunas or certain facials the reason being is because it will loosen up the bond.

How soon can I wash my face after the extensions are applied? 

The suggested time frame is 48 hours. For a guest with sensitivities, it is suggested to wash within the first 12 hours of application. Of course, it is always suggested to use our a foaming face wash that is oil-free.

How do I dry my eyelash extensions? 

After cleansing your eyelashes, brush your extensions with a clean mascara wand and use a lint-free cloth or paper towel to gently apply pressure to the top of your extensions while keeping your eyes closed. An even gentler option after brushing is to dry your extensions using a hand held fan, this will help keep the shape and fluffiness (if you have volume)! 

Are eyelash extensions safe? 

Eve Beauty only uses professional grade adhesive which never comes in contact with your skin. Synthetic eyelashes adhere about 1mm away from your skin which in return will reduce irritation or a reaction. 

Is the product FDA approved & safe?

Currently, the FDA is not regulating eyelash extensions because the eyelash extensions are applied to the natural eyelash hairs and do not touch the skin. The application process is pain-free. Some clients consider the process relaxing and even sleep throughout the appointment.

What happens if I choose to have my eyelash extensions removed?

We do offer a service to have the eyelash extensions removed involving a short thirty-minute appointment in which we apply a gel/cream remover. The gel/cream remover is applied on top of the extensions without touching the skin and allowed to sit for 10 minutes. Once the adhesive is dissolved the extensions are gently wiped away with a lint free applicators exposing the natural lashes.

After care for your lashes..

TAKE CARE of your Lashes!

  • Do not wash eyes or shower and avoid crying, sweat, and steam for 24 hours after lash application.
  • Do not swim or spa for 48 hours after lash application to allow adequate time for bonding.
  • Be gentle with your lashes. Do not sleep on lashes.
  • Wash lashes regularly with a Lash Friendly cleanser that can be purchased at the shop.
  • Avoid rubbing and pulling your eyelashes.
  • Avoid oil-based and waterproof mascara as it will dissolve the bond with the lashes.
  • Avoid any creams, eye makeup removers, lotions, sunscreens or cleansers containing oils on or near eyelashes. Oils can loosen the bond of lash extensions. Care must be taken to apply eye cream sparingly with avoidance of the lash line area.
  • Do NOT use an eyelash curler on your extensions.
  • Gently brush the tips of your lashes with a mascara wand to groom them. The best time to do this is after showering, as they will be softer and less likely to damage.
  • Touch-up appointments every 2-4 weeks, to fill in the areas where the natural lashes has fallen out and new lashes are growing in. After 5 week that will be consider a new set.

Preparing for your eyelash appointment...

Come with a clean Face

Come to your appointment with a clean face and this will ensure more time for adding lashes and less time removing eye makeup.   Be sure all mascara is removed. It is also helpful to avoid applying moisturizers and sunblock near the eye area prior to your appointment as the oils can prevent the eye pads used in the procedure from adhering to your skin.   If you use waterproof mascara, avoid using it 2-3 days before your first appointment. The film it leaves on your lashes may prevent the extensions from adhering correctly.

Shower prior to your appointment

Eliminating any unnecessary contact with water or steam within the first 24 hours of having lash extensions will insure that the bond between the semi permanent lashes and your natural lashes can properly set.

Remove Contacts

To avoid any discomfort, it is always suggested that contacts are removed allowing eyes to be comfortable in a natural and rested state during your application.

Avoid Caffeine

Do not drink too much coffee before your appointment, you want to be comfortable and at peace during the procedure.

 -Do not pre-curl your lashes before an appointment